OpenAI Enterprise Applications

What to do with ChatGPT? Many companies are asking themselves this question. One thing is clear: the potential is immense.

But what delivers measurable added value, at what cost, and what about data protection?

We’ll show you how we’ve automated manual processes and enabled new services with Azure OpenAI and related technologies using real projects.

Azure – OpenAI – Enterprise Integration

From hype to business case

Large Language Models (LLMs) are predestined for answering questions about text documents. However, many company data are available in other forms: In databases, tables or number series.

To make these accessible to LLMs, different data sources and methods have to be combined. We show you what is possible.

Azure Cloud and Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft partner with our own SaaS product, we have extensive experience in Microsoft Azure. We support you in your transformation to the cloud and help you modernize existing applications to use the potential of Azure.

We create the data infrastructure for overarching analytics. Through integration with Microsoft 365, we automate reporting workflows and ensure that data becomes accessible information and a basis for decision making.

Practical examples

We combine (Open)AI expertise with 15 years of experience in Enterprise Application Integration and develop solutions with you that work in practice.

  • Enterprise chatbot
    Find employees by skills and experience in Microsoft Teams.
  • Data extraction
    Extract skills, experience and resume data from text documents.
  • Trend analysis
    Aggregated analysis of online job postings.

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