Proven consultant CV templates for download

Use our experience to optimize your CVs

Creating professional CV templates is time-consuming – we would be glad to do part of the work for you.
In our ten-year history as a solution provider for the consulting industry, we have seen a wide variety of consultant CVs and mapped them in our software. Set up, content and structuring of CVs say a lot about the positioning of the consulting company.
The main difference between consultant CVs is their different focus. We have created examples for the most common variants. You can download these templates free of charge and adapt them for your purposes.

IT Services

Vendor certifications play a decisive role for hardware-related or product-oriented service providers. In this CV template, the most important certificates of the consultant are represented by the official logos of the certificate issuers in a separate area on the title page. In addition, all certificates with validity periods are listed in a separate section. Skills are mainly product-related and grouped by vendor.

Business Consulting

Business consulting addresses the management. Accordingly, a management summary in the consultant CV is important. All essential points are clearly summarized on the first page. In terms of skills, the consultant’s industry experience plays a particularly important role and is therefore shown separately. Career and project experience are emphasized more than tools and technologies.


In early quotation phases, short profiles on a PowerPoint page are used instead of complete Word CVs. This corresponds to the Management Summary from the Business Consulting CV in landscape format. One-Pagers are often added to a company or bid presentation.

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