decídalo V3 is here!
Next generation CV management

Professional consultant profiles at the touch of a button. No tedious tweaking before sending. Convincing CVs for every proposal with just a few clicks.

decídalo V3 is the new member of the decídalo product family and is specially designed to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized consulting companies. Lightweight, ready to use.

Upload profiles, automate updates, generate CVs!

ChatGPT for CVs

Maintaining CVs by hand was yesterday. OpenAI integration generates project descriptions and summaries from existing data. Professional texts in consistent quality without effort.

CV Parser

Do you manage consultant profiles in Word or PowerPoint? Simply upload them – no setup, no data migration. Easily import profiles of freelancers or partners and transform them into your own CV designs.

LinkedIn integration

Import profiles from LinkedIn with our Chrome plugin and expand your resource pool.

Central Skills Taxonomy

With a comprehensive skill taxonomy and modern AI, decídalo works out of the box. Especially in IT, product and technology knowledge plays an important role. Our analytics services monitor vendor web pages and continuously update the taxonomy.

CV Designer

Optimize consultant profiles for any client situation with just a few clicks: choose a template, set the focus, done. With the “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” CV designer, you generate convincing CVs for every proposal.

Build a resource pool

Upload profiles

Upload CVs from Word, PDF or LinkedIn and build a profile database.

decídalo ensures uniformly high quality.

Prove competence

Find profiles and create proposal-specific CVs at the touch of a button.

Choose template, format, focus and generate documents.

Automate updates

Automatically update profiles through AI features.

decídalo provides always up-to-date profiles with minimal efforts.


Is decídalo V3 a new version of decídalo ?

No, V3 is a new product implemented from scratch, cloud-native on Microsoft Azure.

decídalo V3 is our third implementation of a skills and CV management solution.

What is the difference between decídalo and V3?

decídalo is a SaaS solution for skills and resources management. decídalo is the proven platform for larger companies with individual requirements. V3 is the lightweight CV management solution for smaller companies that want to get started right away.

Can decídalo and V3 be used in parallel?

Yes. Companies that use decídalo for their internal employees can use V3 for external employees and partners, for example.

Is it possible to switch from decídalo to V3?

It depends. Customers who only use CV Management in the standard version can in principle switch to V3. Please contact our support for more information.