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Time recording and budget tracking

Record project efforts efficiently

Identify financial risks

Generate time sheets

Ensure data consistency

Reconcile orders and services provided

Track actual cost and effort and manage projects

Time recording without wasting time

In the consulting business, project-related time recording is essential for cost allocation, controlling, and reporting. However, consultants should spend as little time as possible on this.

With decídalo you record times with minimal effort. The system intelligently prefills time sheets with data from project assignments, tasks, and calendar entries. For example, appointments from Outlook calendars are automatically linked to projects and imported into time recording.

For time & materials contracts project times must also be proven to the customer. This is especially tedious when customers insist on their own Excel templates for time sheets. Then consultants record their times twice, in the internal system and in the customer template — unless they use decídalo. With decídalo you simply generate recorded times in a customer-specific format, without any additional effort. In addition, the time-consuming comparison between internally recorded times for billing and time sheets signed by the customer is no longer necessary.

Using time efficiently

The decisive parameter in the service and consulting business is billable time. Depending on the type of contract, consulting hours are billed directly to a customer or indirectly via fixed prices. The starting point is always an assumption about the time required.

decídalo links time recording not only with purchase orders, but also with the times and activities calculated for the proposal. This enables you to check the accuracy of your estimates and increase the profitability of your projects.

In the case of time and materials contracts, the customer orders a drawdown quota of consultant days that can be drawn down within a defined period — often up to the end of the fiscal year. If not all days are used, you miss out on turnover.
decídalo monitors your budgets and warns you in time, before you miss out on revenue or lose money on projects. By integrating with Resource Management, you see how remaining person days can be delivered and how project risks can be mitigated.

Integrated processes

Disconnected tools and processes cost time. In the development of decídalo, we therefore placed special emphasis on the integration into existing processes and system landscapes.
decídalo transfers contract and accounting data from your project database (e.g., SAP PS) and transfers recorded times to your accounting system (e.g., CATS).

You already record times in another system and want to use them in decídalo? This is also possible. We would be happy to advise you on integrating decídalo into your infrastructure. Contact us via e-mail or our contact form.