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Skills management

Revolutionary simply through machine learning

Automatic suggestions for profile updates

Linking skills with project experience

High data quality through process automation

Intelligent search options

Assessing, finding, and expanding skills and experience

Utilizing existing potentials

decídalo uses modern machine learning methods and existing data to significantly reduce the effort required for assessing skills and experience.

The system recognizes correlations between skills and task descriptions and uses data from resource management and sales processes to make specific suggestions for updating skill profiles. An up-to-date, complete, and reliable picture of existing knowledge and potential emerges.

For a proposal or project, you need an expert with a specific skill set who knows the customer, lives nearby, and is available? Simply type your requirements in the search field. decídalo will interpret your request and suggest the best possible candidates. You can see which criteria have been included in the search and can easily modify them.

Learning instead of querying

Employee skills are the basis of all processes in the IT industry. Structured, reliable skills data make for more efficient processes. The assessment, maintenance, and quality assurance of these data costs time and effort. In order for skills management to pay off, this effort must be minimal but still guarantee high data quality. Traditional skills management approaches usually fail at this point.

decídalo offers the solutions to this problem. Instead of regularly querying skills from employees using a predefined catalog, decídalo learns them from comparison profiles, project histories, and free text descriptions. Employees then receive concrete suggestions for profile updates, which they can supplement as they wish.

Experience has shown that the completely predefining skills catalogs does not work in the IT sector. In decídalo, employees can therefore add new skills ad hoc as part of maintaining their profile. A subsequent quality assurance workflow ensures a consistent skills catalog.

Leverage project data

From resource management decídalo knows which skills were used in which project. The system shows the practical experience in years for each skill in addition to the skill level.

By maintaining project data centrally, you avoid redundant entries and achieve uniform quality. If several employees work on the same project, the project itself only needs to be created once. Employees simply add their own contribution to the project in their profile.

Boost productivity

You want consultants to spend their time on customer projects and not on maintaining their profiles? With the help of machine learning, decídalo takes on an essential part of this tedious task. You can even relieve your consultants of the remaining manual tasks. decídalo’s comprehensive authorization concept makes it possible to delegate all or part of the profile maintenance to support functions. This minimizes costs while allowing you to maintain control over your data.

Your virtual resource manager

IT service and consulting companies must be able to quickly find the right employees for customer inquiries or projects. Translating unstructured requests into structured skills profiles is not easy. In large companies, this task is performed by resource managers who derive suitable search queries from free text request descriptions.

With decídalo you get a virtual resource manager who interprets your request and suggests suitable candidates. Similar topics or skills are automatically included. The candidate list can be filtered according to particularly important skills, availability, or other requirements. The search integrates seamlessly into your central sales and resource management processes. You can make project bookings or customize and export CVs directly from the results list.