Review 2020 and Preview 2021

In 2020, Data Assessment Solutions GmbH (DAS) was able to increase its revenue by 50% compared to the previous year.  

In the first half of the year, the increase was even 75%, relative to the first half of 2019. For a short time, we reached capacity limits. During the year, our team also grew significantly. And we are planning for further growth in the areas of engineeringmarketing and sales – and office space. 

Overall, 2020 was a very successful year for DAS. Although we completely stopped all travel and personal meetings in March, we were able to win numerous new customers. Corona has, of necessity, led to a change in thinking here. Even large projects are commissioned without personal contact and implemented completely remotely.  

Our platform decídalo  grew significantly in functionality and reach. There are numerous new features, especially in the area of resource management. We will report separately on this shortly. 

Since the beginning of 2020, DAS is again fully owned by its founders. Thanks to our good financial situation, Data Assessment Solutions GmbH was able to buy back the shares of Hannover-Beteiligungsfonds GmbH. Formally, DAS now holds a 15% stake in itself. 

Due to travel restrictions and resource bottlenecks, our US business was not driven forward as quickly as planned. It was not until December 2020 that we picked up speed here again and began recruiting a local sales team.  

We are starting the new year with high order backlog, exciting projects and the first new hires. We hope that we will be able to meet our customers and partners in person again in 2021.