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Resource management

Optimize capacity utilization

Improve forecasts

Minimize maintenance effort

Actively involve employees

Accelerate project staffing

Optimizing consultant utilization and increasing profits

Resource management for IT services and consulting

In the IT services and consulting business, resource management is not only about staffing projects that have been awarded. Capacities for opportunities must be taken into account, and consultants’ utilization must be managed across projects. Finding projects for employees is just as important as finding employees for projects. Without a suitable tool, this is a time-consuming process.

With decídalo you significantly reduce the effort of resource management while also optimizing the utilization of your consultants.
decídalo resource management is designed to meet the needs of IT services and consulting companies and provides the information that is important for your business: How is our utilization developing? Where do we get bottlenecks, where idle times? What skills do we need to develop?

Leveraging the data from project estimates and time recording, decídalo generates a complete picture of planned and actual times and budgets.

Optimal employee deployment

Skill-based resource management means optimizing project staffing in terms of suitability, availability, and hourly rates.

decídalo integrates resource management into the sales process. Increase your company’s profitability and ability to deliver through the optimal use of existing skills and capacities. With a complete view of skills, potential, availability, projects, and opportunities, you can quickly react to changes. Avoid unproductive idle times or resource conflicts when projects are postponed.

Don’t waste your time checking different data sources. Let decídalo show you the options.

Project marketplace

Enable your consultants to actively manage their utilization and skill development. decídalo can publish project positions within your company.

In the project marketplace, employees find positions matching their profile and can apply with a click. decídalo supports them with targeted recommendations.

You use workflows and authorizations to control the next steps in the project staffing process.

This creates transparency, gives your employees active influence, and reduces the work of resource management at the same time.

Outlook synchronization

Maintaining availability information should not mean additional effort for the consultant. decídalo therefore synchronizes Microsoft Exchange calendar entries and automatically links them to project assignments. This provides a complete, up-to-date, and daily accurate picture of free and booked capacities, without any additional data maintenance. decídalo automatically updates project timelines using schedule information from the team members’ Outlook calendars.

Resource managers or project managers can also create calendar entries directly in decídalo. Consultants can manage their assignments via their calendar, in Outlook or on their mobile phone.

Synchronization takes place on the server side via Exchange Web Services (EWS) and therefore requires neither client installations nor interface configurations. Office 365 and on-site Exchange installations work equally smoothly.