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Reference management

Turn projects into success stories

Create presentations at the touch of a button

Systematically build references

Capitalize your project data

Find suitable projects easily

Manage project references and convince with success stories

Prove expertise convincingly

Project references are an essential component in the sales process of IT services and consulting companies. Customers want to see that a provider has sufficient relevant experience. What projects have you already done in the customer’s industry on this topic with this technology? How big were these projects? What results did you achieve? These questions can be convincingly answered with suitable project references.

For this purpose, projects suitable for the customer’s situation must be identified, edited for marketing purposes, and finally transferred to the sales presentation. Ideally, you want to present approved references with contact persons’ names. The skills used, industry, and project type must be considered as well as reference status. For your sales presentation you want to describe the starting situations and the benefits realized. If these are not described yet, the task remains with you.

Without a suitable tool, the creation of customized project presentations is a time-consuming and tedious process. With decídalo you generate project presentations at the push of a button. Spend your time with your customers.

Turning projects into success stories

From resource management decídalo has all projects available with their essential information, such as customer, industry, skills used, scope, and contact persons. With decídalo reference management, you create success stories from this. Identify suitable projects and systematize the process for getting customer-approved references. No one is more convincing than your satisfied customers — with decídalo you make sure that this potential is used.

Save time with reference lists and templates

With decídalo you not only find the right project references quickly, but you can also create frequently used project lists for easy access. Group references by topic, for example, by industry or technology, so that you have the right projects ready for your presentation without searching. You simply select the desired PowerPoint template and the number of projects. decídalo creates your presentation at the push of a button.

As with CV management, templates are maintained centrally. If your sales templates change, simply upload the new version. No annoying reworking of old presentations, no inconsistent sets of slides, no waste of time.