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Quotation and effort calculation

Estimate costs and effort

Check cost-effectiveness

Link resource requirements

Avoid redundancy

Ensure ability to deliver

Calculate prices, costs, and capacities

From project pricing to invoicing

Before a project is planned in detail, the customer usually wants to know the costs. The pricing process often goes through several phases — from a first rough guess to a binding offer. By the time of the offer, it should have been checked whether the required skills and capacities would be available for the project. If necessary, consultants are reserved for the project and CVs attached to the proposal.

If the project is awarded, the purchase order and accounting information must be created for time recording. The project team is confirmed and starts recording project hours. Finally, the invoice is created for the customer. The entire process covers several systems and areas of responsibility.

Do you have disconnected systems and processes here, which are unnecessarily time-consuming and increase the risk of inconsistent data? You create project calculations in Excel or have to provide time sheets in customer-specific templates? Actual versus target reports are not available at the push of a button?

decídalo ensures consistent, efficient processes and consistent data from the first calculation to invoicing, eliminating risks and manual effort.

Quick cost estimates

The most widely used tool for project calculations is Excel. Especially for initial cost estimates Excel is often the tool of choice. This is simple and flexible. The disadvantage: The lack of integration into all subsequent processes produces additional work and sources of errors. Data is manually transferred to quotations, project plans, or financial systems.

With decídalo you create your calculations just as easily and flexibly as in Excel, but without frictional loss, double entry, and wasted time.

Planning efficiently

decídalo gives you full transparency about planned, billable, and actual time and effort as well as about required and available skills and capacities. You can trace your projects from the initial cost estimate to the final invoice and can intervene early if something gets out of hand.

decídalo compares offers and orders with resource planning and informs you about discrepancies. You avoid capacity bottlenecks and ensure that resource planning takes economic aspects into account.

decídalo integrates itself into your system landscape via open interfaces and creates integrated processes and consistent data from the opportunity in the CRM through your project portfolio management to billing.