New: End-to-end workflow control

You can now use decídalo to configure your skills management process to meet your requirements while controlling and monitoring the entire process in the system.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Definition of cyclical (e.g. annual) personnel development processes
  • Freely combinable process phases
    • As-is (skill) assessment
    • Target definition (target profile)
    • Training planning
  • Combinable, multi-level assessments
    • Self assessment
    • External assessment
    • Consolidation of self/external assessment
    • Consolidation across departments
  • Support for personnel appraisals
  • Simulation of possible development paths
  • Planning of development paths
  • Automatic proposals for suitable qualification measures
  • Definition and agreement of training plans
  • Chronological process control by means of notifications and escalation processes
  • Integration in HCM and LMS systems