Combine your processes with consistent skills data

and close the gap between HR, CRM and project management tools.

Skills Management

Skills management

An individual skills framework as a basis for data.

Resource Management

Resource management

Optimise the personnel deployed for a project based on availability and suitability.

CV Management

CV management

Creation of customer-specific CVs at the press of a button.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning

Linking resource requirements with remuneration rates.

Multi-project Planning

Multi-project planning

Integrated project planning and resource management.



Time recording, invoicing and remuneration.

Functionalities in detail

Skills management

The basis for integrated processes

To manage your company’s resources and skills successfully, you need a skills framework that is tailored to your needs and up to date.

In dynamic business fields with highly specialised experts, managing a model of skills and roles is a complex task.

The collaborative decidalo Skills Modeler makes this easy, whether the model comprises 30 skills or 3,000.

Resource management

From opportunities to projects

Systematic skill-based resource management means optimising the deployment of personnel for a project in terms of both suitability and availability.

In decidalo skills and capacities that will be needed are planned well in advance, and suitable resources are identified and reserved. Resources reserved for potential projects (opportunities) are taken into account when calculating existing capacities.

Bookings and free capacities of teams or candidates are clearly displayed in different aggregation levels.

Automatic CV production

Marketing competencies – at the press of a button

Using your own templates you can generate documents for different purposes or organisations and in different output formats.

Address your customers individually. The CV configurator creates customer-specific versions and manages them in a single system. This minimises the maintenance effort for employees.

Integration with skills and resource management prevents creation of double records. With decidalo you create CVs of consistently high quality.

Capacity planning

Appointing the best person to a role and planning deployment times

decidalo integrates resource management into the project planning process.

The linking of resource requirements to project tasks allows times and capacities to be planned accurately. New appointments can still be made for positions in the course of the project.

Project plans can be synchronised with Microsoft Project. Employees can use a Microsoft Exchange interface to view and manage their tasks and deadlines in Outlook or via smartphone.

Multi-project planning

Planning requirement and calculating costs

decidalo also maps financial project planning.

By linking resource requirements with remuneration rates, it calculates costs directly from the capacity planning. This assists your sales department with the generation of complete quotation documents

decidalo guarantees consistent data management by means of interfaces to CRM, accounting and project management tools.


Recording times – measuring profitability

decidalo offers a wide range of functions for time recording, invoicing and remuneration.

By integrating time recording with skills and resource management as well as project planning, it allows you to carry out detailed evaluations and analyses. It provides actual/target comparisons on capacity utilisation, sales and costs in real time.

You can determine the profitability of skills and use this information to manage their development in a cost-effective manner.

Online demo

Arrange a date for an online demo. We show you the advantages of our software and answer your questions.

Further functionalities

Building resource management on skills

Clear requirement profiles are essential for putting together successful project teams.

decidalo makes it easy to define requirement profiles by providing predefined standard profiles with autocompletion and successive refinement of hit lists.

In addition to hard skills and roles, it includes parameters like willingness to travel, location, language skills, etc.

It handles multi-stage booking processes (e.g. inquiry, proposal, confirmation) by means of authorisations and workflows.

Appointing project members more accurately using an intelligent search function

Often the perfect candidate for an assignment is not available. But in practice it is sufficient to find someone who is able to familiarise himself in a short time.

decidalo and DAS Analytics can find these candidates for you and give suggestions on how best to train them. In-house skills and potentials are put to the best possible use, and there is less need for external support.

In this way you can boost your productivity, cut costs and develop your employees’ skills.

Promoting topicality with intuitive operation

decidalo adapts individually to your tried-and-tested business processes.
The user-friendly web interface actively supports the user.

Functions such as autocompletion, assistance functions, visual feedback and wizards help with fast and error-free recording of data. Our authorisation concept reduces the complexity of processes and allows every user to focus on their work.

Comparing planning with operative data

Operative business and strategic planning can be seamlessly linked with decidalo

Short-term requirement is visible in resource management. The skills required in the medium to long term are planned in the proprietary configurator. Time periods, planning dimensions and scenarios can be defined here and rehearsed.

Skills and capacities can be planned up to team level and the development progress successively compared with operative data.

Developing competencies individually and on a targeted basis

Identify your employees’ individual potentials and perspectives, and get the system to suggest appropriate training. decidalo lets you define individual training plans, if necessary on multiple levels. Feedback from participants and regular skills assessments ensure that the effectiveness of training opportunities is readily apparent. decidalo helps you deploy your training budget more efficiently and develop competencies systematically.

Support your employees as they develop their competencies with decidalo and plan this in a targeted and systematic manner. With our tool you can track the competency development processes. This is how employee appraisals can be effortlessly mapped in decidalo. When planning competencies, you can define and document the contents and time frame directly in the application for each process phase, from the as-is assessment and definition of goals to the qualification planning.

decidalo also assists you with process control and sends invitations, reminders or escalation e-mails, or freezes data at defined points in time. All results are dated and stored and are available for the next process run. You can monitor development paths and see the successes of qualification measures.

Secure the future viability of the company through targeted training measures.

In order to stay competitive in the dynamic environment of the market, it is not enough to distribute available competencies. You must be able to identify and develop the future need for competencies in good time. decidalo uses the methods of predictive analytics and helps you to gain an insight into the future by applying the latest approaches in machine learning, data mining and data modelling.

By using decidalo you gain time and can continuously improve your skills portfolio. You are given the opportunity to plan your competency resources in advance and close knowledge gaps through targeted training measures.

With API to integrate relevant systems into the business processes.

decidalo can be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure through interfaces to relevant applications.

Consistent data management is guaranteed through links to CRM accounting and project management tools. Employees can use the Microsoft Exchange interface to view and manage their tasks and deadlines in the Outlook calendar or via smartphone.

It is easier to record time with decidalo thanks to the connection to Excel and recording can also be dealt with centrally. Data is entered online in an Excel worksheet or web interface and it can be presented using any Excel templates.

In CV management you can benefit from the interface to Microsoft Word. Templates are designed directly in Microsoft Word. A central template management function gives all your CVs a uniform, professional appearance. These can be exported in any format required (Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint).

Documenting and visualising results

decidalo is a comprehensive, consolidated data source for your business data. We attach great importance to reporting and analysis. decidalo can generate numerous standard reports directly in the web or they can be downloaded as Excel files.

Have you got specific reports? In our custom report component you can create user-defined reports for practically all data in the system. The finished reports can be clearly displayed in their own templates.

Protecting data through a secure authorisation concept

Data security is a contentious and highly sensitive topic. Personal data is protected in decidalo via a granular, centrally administered authorisation system. Each user only sees the information he or she is allowed to see. You can therefore use the system for complex planning processes.

Our solution is already used by several large German companies and has been given all security, data protection and operating approvals.

Individualised application

We want our application to comply with the individual demands of your business processes. This is why we are endeavouring to adapt our software to your company.

So that decidalo will match your company graphics, we design the web interface using style sheets in line with your corporate identity. All texts and most value lists can be adapted directly via the web interface.

Does your company have international operations and offices in many countries? In decidalo both the user interface and the managed data are multilingual throughout. Furthermore, the application supports all commonly used browsers and requires no plugins.


Support and advice

Data Assessment Solutions support

We rely on long-lasting partnerships and support our customers right from the start.
Your long-term success is our goal.

We support you so that you obtain maximum benefit from your investment in decidalo – every time you use our application.

DAS support is personal, highly efficient and fast. Our global team is always available so that we can resolve your concerns quickly and answer all your product questions.


How do you introduce skills management successfully and fill it with life?

As specialists at resolving this dilemma, we support enterprises planning to introduce skills management – from the initial analysis to the implementation of a software solution.

With our comprehensive database, harmonised tools and experience in resource planning, we ease the burden at every single step on the road to successful skills management – regardless of whether you are only just embarking on your journey or simply have to remove the final obstacles.

We work with you to develop a competence model and help you to structure your data.

Individual storage options

Software-as-a-Service or private cloud

Developed for the cloud, you can use our solutions as
Software-as-a-Service or in your own computer centre in the private cloud.

Here we place great emphasis on sustainability. For this reason, our web servers are in Europe’s most environmentally friendly computer centre.

The software on your server

Do you prefer to store the application in your own infrastructure? We also have a suitable solution for this. decidalo is a multi-client capable web application, which you can also execute in your company’s own computer centre.

decidalo supplies real-time data for core business processes and ensures that projects run smoothly.

Based on a standardised skills database in the company, projects are planned efficiently. Each position and resource requirement in a project is defined by the skills profile.

Candidates are identified by searching the defined profiles against the inventarised competencies and current availabilities.

Project teams are made up of the most suitable employees in terms of skills and resources.
Hours worked are recorded in the course of the project and transferred to invoicing systems.

It is possible to define the most important skills required for a project to succeed by evaluating skills and business process data.

This data allows the companies to extrapolate information about changes in demand for certain skills and then plan measures to adjust capacity.