DAS Assistant Help

The read the Privacy Notice and the Terms of Use for legal information details.
Contact our support at support@data-assessment.com for any questions not covered by this document.

General Commands

  • help : provides instructions for the sign-in process and, once signed in, offers a few example questions that can be posed to the DAS Assistant
  • logout : logs you out of the chat session and, upon request, starts a new session

Sign In

Accessing full features requires signing in with a decídalo account

For security reasons the sign in expires. In this case you may be requested to sign in again.

Trial Version

Without signing in, you can still access a free trial version (limited number of messages) of the DAS Assistant, which employs a large number of synthetic user profiles as a data source. This offers a good opportunity to evaluate the assistant on an team unknown to you, without running into privacy concerns.

Using the Service

The decídalo platform primarily targeted at the IT Services and Consulting industry but also used by companies from other sectors that manage a highly skilled workforce in a dynamic environment.

The DAS Assistant helps accessing information about this worksforce using chat models.

Questions and information queries can be used in a broad range from informal half sentences to longer position descriptions. For example:

  • Find a senior consultant
  • Find two software developers
  • Find two people with experience in python

Data Source

Initially, we provide an artificially created large set of synthetic user profiles to allow evaluating the features without data privacy concerns.

The details of the individual (synthetic) profiles can be examined using the external links included in the messages.

Contact our support when you are ready for the next stage, i.e. using your own decídalo user data.

Language Model Services

We use Microsoft Azure OpenAI Managed Services to evaluate the human inputs and generate key information from the data. Microsoft provides extensive information about the security and risks using these services

Note that while modern language models perform very well, it can still happen that the answers provided are not correct or inappropriate.

All AI-generated messages in DAS Assistant are marked specifically, and it is possible to simply report any problematic AI message by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner.

Sign Out

Use the command logout to disconnect from the DAS Assistant.