DAS Research

The story of Data Assessment Solutions (DAS) began in research – more precisely at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. This is where the company’s founders, Axel Völker and Joachim Giesen, while working on their diploma theses first discussed how results from science could be used in business. With the founding of DAS Research, we are returning to our roots, so to speak – albeit with a different scientific focus.

In the future, DAS Research will coordinate our research and development activities in the field of machine learning and serve as an interface to our partners from academia. Through DAS Research we will continue the already very successful cooperation with the group of Joachim Giesen at the University of Jena and establish contacts to further research teams.

A specific focus of DAS Research is mathematical optimization, which has long played an important role in our enterprise software decídalo. In decídalo, optimization algorithms are used for predicting new skills, searching for skills, and project planning. Therefore, Data Assessment Solutions sponsors the application www.matrixcalculus.org, developed at the University of Jena, which can be used, among other things, for the development of generic optimization methods. DAS Research will work closely with the University of Jena on the development of generic optimization methods for planning and machine learning.

DAS Research will share its results through publications and presentations at scientific conferences. We will report regularly about the activities of DAS Research on our blog.