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CV management

Adjust consultant CVs for proposals

Export and e-mail dispatch in various formats

Create, modify, and upload templates yourself

Track changes and receive notifications

Manage access and permissions

Present and market your competence convincingly

The efficient way to maintain consultant CVs

Your customers should feel that the consultant CVs you present address their individual needs . To this end, it is important to emphasize the customer’s priorities and to use his wording. Without decídalo, this is time-consuming and error-prone. Word CVs are copied, adapted, saved locally, and sent by e-mail. But did you copy the right version? Is this the current template? Has the consultant been introduced to the client before?

With decídalo you save yourself this effort. All CV versions are centrally available. decídalo ensures that they are always up to date. All CV copies are automatically updated with new projects, skills, and other profile data.

CVs can be customized much faster in decídalo than in Word — without sacrificing flexibility.

You do not want to sort the project history chronologically, but according to relevance for the customer? No problem — simply drag and drop the projects into the desired order.

Different formats and templates without additional effort

You want to attach selected consultant profiles to a sales presentation? Or your customer expects CVs in a specific template? With decídalo you can do all this with just one click – without copy & paste. Simply select the file format and template and download the CV or send it directly by e-mail.

You can create or modify templates in Word or PowerPoint yourself, upload them and make them available centrally. Changing your templates does not mean extra work for your consultants.

Of course, templates and CVs can be maintained in several languages.
It is important to our customers that CVs generated from decídalo look exactly like their old Word CVs. Our template functionality is therefore extremely flexible.

You wonder whether your templates can also be generated one-to-one? We’ll tell you.
Contact us and send us a sample CV.

Security and transparency

Often, CV updates are not made by the consultant himself. With traditional Word CV management people sooner or later lose the overview of what CV versions were created and sent.

In decídalo you can control who can download CVs from which employees and who can make changes to them. The comprehensive authorization concept offers numerous other options for regulating access to personal data. For example, you can specify that certain groups of people may only download anonymous CVs.

Change tracking and notifications create transparency for all parties involved.