Creating a properly managed consultant profile with much less work: More efficiency in managing project histories

Just imagine a team of five consultants working on a project. In most consulting firms every single consultant would have to update their profiles manually if they wanted this project to appear in their project histories. This would entail doing the same work five times over. A real waste of valuable working time. What is more, working in this way would not even guarantee that the project description would be included in everyone’s profile.

Now imagine that there is software available which can be used to create and process projects centrally. A solution which can also be used to write project descriptions consistently and to assign them easily to participating consultants. Software which automatically suggests to consultants that they should update their profiles with the skills they have used in a particular project.

decídalo turns this wish into reality. Our software is tailored to the requirements of consulting companies which would like to automate internal processes – such as the updating of consultant profiles and the creation of consistent project histories – and want to save their consultants the administrative work involved.

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