decídalo without limits – according to an expert appraisal our software is „very well accessible“

Employees who are visually impaired, blind or suffer from an restricted motor ability are using our skills- and resource management software without limitations.

Accessibility is an increasingly important criterion for companies, when deciding for a new software. The usage of a software is simplified for disabled people in order to ensure that they can take up or maintain an occupation. Public institutions in Germany are already obliged to arrange the workplace in accordance with the Accessible Information Technology Regulation (ger: BITV 2.0). Likewise, the need for the compliance of high software accessibility standards increases among larger companies.

Visually impaired, blind or otherwise physically handicapped people are in need of specific assistive technologies that enable them to work with a computer without any restrictions. This includes screen magnifiers, screen readers, braille displays as well as on-screen keyboards. Thus, during the development and testing of a software many factors have to be considered. Guidance is provided by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 from the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

Ensuring accessibility has always been an important aspect in the development of our software decidalo. Part of our regular quality assurance measures is testing that the software can be used without a mouse or without color display and that only high contrast images are used.

One of our larger clients evaluated the accessibility of our software decidalo. Their evaluation followed the 39 steps as described in the BITV. This included among others checking the availability of alternative texts for images and graphics, the correct structure of data tables, as well as the correct labeling of form fields.

Their expert team concluded in a detailed report that it is possible for all their employees to use our software decidalo to its full extent, which hence can be referred to as “very well accessible”. The report particularly stressed that in addition to the navigation- and orientation assistance the structure of the content within decidalo makes decidalo easy and predictable to usee.

We are proud of this positive accessibility report and take it as an obligation to keep this high standards in all of our products.